The Wisdom of the World.

Pessimists and Optimists, lend me your ear, the world isn’t all sunshine and chaos, it is a balance of the two in fact. In our world, society can demand one to do this, or not do that, yet it is all ultimately one choice. In all the Wisdom I can muster, I can only have enough experience to say this: Whether one is young or old, the world is constantly changing, and we as human beings are also changing. One cannot simply rely off of luck because that too changes. Trying to search for love in a world of chaos and deception is sadly a lost cause. Now, I’m not saying to give up on love, but Alina Villasante once said, “Love is not something you look for…Love is something you become!” This is ultimately true, in more ways than one can imagine. One way to battle the rising hatred in the world, between genocides and wars, we can try to lift each other up; as opposed to breaking them down.