The heart of the photographer

Photography: one cannot simply describe the amount of satisfaction that a photographer gets when they take that perfect picture. When light works to make your subject look ethereal, and shadows make them look mysterious. Blending art and science, a new creation of pure imaginative genius and creativity that flows from the captured moment into the observer, blares emotion and begs of an audience. complete it with an audience of words that flow effortlessly into the mind of the reader, caressing their deepest emotions. Showing them the mind of the writer, the eyes of the artist, the sound of their hearts. It’s an irresistible pull that draws the attention by a glance. The picture draws their attention and the words deliver the blow that will stop their hearts and minds. It’s a deadly duo that is dynamic in its own unique way; strung and bound to the artists, painting a picture in the minds of others with the art of storytelling. This is PhotoJournalism. This is my heart, my passion, my love. This is me, looking at you from the grimy windows of an alley, desolate and buried under the ash of fallen loved ones, and the terror of something that destroys. This is me, showing others a light that reveals, and a warm wind that chases the terror away. A love that brings the ashes back, and instills courage, wisdom and love into the shells of what used to be mankind. This, is me.