A pure body is a pure heart.

The title is kinda misleading as I read it, but I can’t think of a better one, so I’m just going to roll with it. As I look around me and listen closely, I hear conversations of young girls who can’t wait to hook up with their boyfriends over the weekend and I see girls dressing as if they have a job that involves selling their body. Boy’s wear their pants in a very rude manner and act as if they grew up uneducated and are under the influence of drugs. As I see and hear all of this, I think to myself, “What happened?” Back before ghetto was in style, showing your body like that was frowned upon. Having sex before marriage was not okay and there were serious issues and consequences, so, what exactly happened? Was it a lack of acceptable role models and discipline? Or is it an increase in peer pressure to conform to what everyone else is doing? What happened to originality? Where did self respect go? To me, sleeping with some boy is just going to mess that girl up. I think that some girls should be more respectful to themselves and say no to a guy who wants to get in her pants. Likewise, boys should not be expecting girls to do that in the first place. They need to pull up their pants and act like gentlemen. key word: GENTLE. Loud and obnoxious behavior is acceptable in certain situations, but everyday? That is pushing the lines and people’s patience. It is hard to have these opinions in a world where sex is everywhere. It’s hinted on commercials for a perfume, handbag or even a can of pop. Sex is everywhere in this world and I guess it can be hard to resist it with so many people doing it, but honestly, it’s not that hard. Maybe I’m just more stubborn than most people, but that’s how i see things.


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