The Frustrating Aspect of Journalism.

I’m not going to lie. Being a journalist, and a young one at that, isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. It’s not easy to win people’s opinions, nor their favor. Often times, a writer will gain 2 critics for every 1 fan. (Don’t quote me on that, It’s just an observation; not concrete proof.) What’s even more frustrating is when you put your heart and soul into an article you wrote about a topic that you are passionate for and it doesn’t run. An editor once told me that a journalist writes articles to get a reaction out of the people who read it. Negative or positive, it is a reaction. It proves that your article made people think. THAT’s the goal. Not to make yourself famous or to gain fans; but to get a reaction out of people. To get them thinking. Recently I wrote my very first article with all of my heart. I’ve had articles not run before because of ad space and whatnot, but this hurts more because I LOVED that article. As well as my editor and school principal. I wanted to think outside of the box; rock the boat a little. Talk about an elephant in the room because it’s a serious topic. This was what all the fuss was about: Human Trafficking. It is a touchy subject, but nonetheless one that needs to be heard and spoken about. If we as journalists aren’t willing to take risks with our articles, then who will? News is news. Problems are problems. A journalists’ job is to inform the public of said news and problems.


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