Dirty Dancing: Has High School Dances Gone Too Far?

I recently went to one of the most traumatizing event of my social life (however small it may be). No, it wasn’t a live birth, nor was it the hospital, but this was just as bad. A dance. I’m not the dancy type of girl, but I like a good party! The Winter Ball, as it was called was a total disaster! I expected great music, a lively crowd and some enjoyable social time with my best buds. However, upon arriving to the scene, I was confronted by a barrage of ghetto rap and grinding music that all had the same bass line and a mass of teenagers; which in their case, the only thing lively about them was their hormones. Girls were all over boys and all over other girls and boys were having the night of their lives. ALL IN PUBLIC! Is it too hard to ask for some decent music and some decency? I mean, I don’t understand why my generation has this urge to do that type of dancing! What happened to the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide? Those are classics! And why not play music that is current, and songs that everyone knows instead of blasting songs about getting laid and getting drunk? I listen to a variety of music and grinding/twerking music is not on my list of favorites! Grr, what is wrong with the world?!

I guess my advice would have to be this: DO NOT CONFORM TO SOCIETY. You are completely original, and you should embrace it. ORIGINALITY IS KEY. What makes you different? Is it the way you carry yourself? Is it your beliefs? Is it your looks or your mind? Is it your wisdom? Being original makes you stand out from the crowd. Be that person who changes things. if you don’t like something, say so. Make your voice heard. There is always someone who will listen. For every critic, there is a supporter. Don’t look towards stars of society for advice, look towards actual role models like your parents, if you’re on good terms with them, or your closest friends whom encourage you to do your best. In whatever you do, STAY YOU. You’ll be just fine from the pressure to conform. I promise.


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