Recently in the news there was a teen who committed suicide in one of the school districts close to mine. The teen was a victim of bullying, and while some blame the school for “not doing anything”, it is ultimately not just the school to blame. Why is it, that when a student is harassed, it takes severe actions to notice it? Why do teenagers feel like they have only one option to escape? Why? There are endless questions that are running through my mind. I didn’t know him personally, but it still makes me sad when a student commits suicide. This is the first year of my high school education where a student from my school has not passed from either an accident or suicide. But even so, even if it’s not from my school district, the fact that a young teenage boy who had so much potential and promise could just leave this world like that. It’s ridiculous how many insensitive people there are in the world; it’s getting to the point where people don’t even care what kind of effect their words have on someone else. Not only that, but there is so much chaos in our world. Shooters who attack innocents because of what? Attention? Do they crave being noticed so much, to the point of psychotic breakdowns? The media is numb to the pain of others, and we along with it. I dedicate this to all those who have passed and those who are here: do not bow when others do. Do not break under the pressure of those who want you to. Find your reason to live. Find your purpose. Have faith. There is light in the dark, there is purpose in the pain. Stand out from the crowd, face the challenges; they are only there to make you stronger. Do not focus on the past but don’t forget it. Focus on the future, but do not control it. Stay YOU when all others change. Find the constant one who will never leave you. The one who will carry you when you fall, and heal you when you are sick. Challenges, pain, hurt, desperation, depression, all of these do not make who you are. It is how you respond to them that does. Live on. YOU ARE WORTH IT.