The stress of de-stressing

How many of you amazing people have ever had a bad day? Maybe a boss or coworker of yours just rubbed you the wrong way, and soured your otherwise good mood? Or perhaps you are one of the multitudes of people who, like me, just seem to stress over everything and anything. I call it my stressing over de-stressing. We seem to get so worried about the future and what it holds that sometimes we forget to enjoy the now and present time. The future will come, and it certainly won’t wait for us busy bees, so we need to make the most of our lives now. I know it’s a lot easier written than done, but if I may make some suggestions to ease the anxiety? 1.) do some yoga!!! Yoga, I find, is GREAT to relieve stress. Calm movements that clear your mind, focusing on only your breathing and concentrating on your body, instead of your mind. It’s wonderful. 2.) watch a nice movie to make you feel good. 3.) TAKE A NICE BATH!!! Honestly this may be old fashioned, but a nice bath lets you embrace the inner child in you, which as a result, eases some worry and stress. After all, children aren’t generally regarded as little balls of stress. At least not to themselves! 4.) whatever you do sweet people, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! I have been there! It is a very unpleasant ship to be on! It’s better to get your assignments/chores/responsibilities done early than to wait and stress so much over it the night before that you make yourself crazy! Last but definitely not least: take it one day at a time and remember to breathe…it will all be okay! I promise.