Facing the Future

Upon revisiting one of the possibly most annoying, pointless and probably brain killing shows of all time, I saw a squid with a love of clarinets and dance writhe in pain about the “Fuuuuuuture!!!!!”. At the time, I didn’t consider the fact that the future is really terrifying! I am now an official freshman at Syracuse University and to be honest, I’ve never been more terrified in my life. High school was challenging but it wasn’t totally hard. College, let along one like SU, has a totally different atmosphere and he way they do things is total opposite to what  I’m used to. As someone with social anxiety, it can be very difficult to adjust to change and I like knowing what I am doing and where and when. But its very difficult to know what I want to do when I’m and undecided major. However, being undecided is a good thing, as it gives me a wide range of things to explore. Its okay to not have everything planned out to the detail, even if I want it to be. Its good to just relax, breathe and take it one day at a time.


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